CLI usage [-h] [-a | -b] [-c CONFIG] [-d] [-f] [-o DEST] [-v] QIF_FILE

qifqif inserts a L your_category line for each transaction of given QIF_FILE based on your existing matching history stored in CONFIG.

Optional flags:

  • -a, --audit: turn it on if you want to inspect every processed transaction and category that got applied. Mutually exclusive with --batch mode as it pause the process after each transaction.
  • -b, --batch: in this mode, transactions that validate a registered match are assigned a category but others are left untouched (no interactive prompt)
  • -c, --config: by default, available categories and their matchings are saved in ~/.qifqif.json. You can choose too to have different config files eg one per family member.
  • -d, --dry-run: print the result of qifqif work on the standard output only, leaving the qif file untouched. Mutually exclusive with --output
  • -f, --force: turn it on if you want to edit transactions having a category that hasn’t been set by qifqif. Repeat the flag (-ff) to force editing of all transactions.
  • -o DEST, --output: by default input file is edited in-place. Use that switch to write in another output file instead.
  • -v, --version: display version information and exit